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How to Beat Online Bingo Sites and Make Thousands

I bet you didn’t know this, but you can win thousands every year playing bingo online!

The major online bingo halls don’t want to know about this, but there is major flaw in the way online bingo halls are maintained. Like poker, bingo is a multi-player game, often across a large bingo network. Every game has a winner. The bingo sites make a commission, or rake, off every card they sell, usually around 10%. 8% of that goes into their profits and 2% into the progressive jackpot.

So, if 20 players each buy 20 cards at $0.10, the prize will be $36. $0.80 will go to the jackpot. Sounds pretty straightforward right? How could this system lose money?

Turns out there is a big loophole in this system. If you want to know what it is, just enter your email in the box below. You will only receive email from about this loophole.

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